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zaterdag 18 april 2009

Faecesbook III : N*A*O* blocked !

N*A*O*, de naamloze achter ons, has said : 

After being followed since his entrance on FAECESbook one month ago, the Nameless was arrested and his account was blocked by the FAECESpolice yesterday evening.

It is known that the policy of FAECESbook concerning their terms of use is intentionally vague, so it remains unclear what the definite reason for disabling N*A*O* might be.

Is it his name, which does not figure on any birth certificate ? Possible, but why then was he tolerated before, as are many other nameless users ?

Let beside that philosophically speaking he has no real name, like all of us. 

Therefore it is tempting to conclude that it was the content of the Nameless speakings that caused this police action.

What did he say ?

For N*A*O* knew that the essence of FAECESbook is to ‘make friends’ he introduced himself begging for friends as ‘NAOgotchi’. That is : as any ideal son-in-law he behaved overprecisely obedient. But as one can always observe the naughtyness and the agression in all compulsive behaviour itself (what is called ‘the return of the unconscious’), NAOgotchi’s crying and begging not to let him die and make friends with him, also contained from the beginning his warnings against the global spreading of interpassivity promoted by FAECESbook.

Just as it seems now that FAECESbook doesn’t accept opposition, neoliberalism is based on the consensus that it is the only rational en therefore normal model. After the fall of the Berlin wall Fukuyama spoke of ‘the end of history’.

But this means that all people have to repress their really existing objections ! Everybody is becoming compulsively good ! That is what interpassivity is : in doing our best, we aren’t really active. We are only pushing the necessary buttons to let the system live. It is the system that actively commands us and the sheer madness is that while doing so it is passive in our place !

The Nameless disguise in NAOgotchi tried to illustrate this proces, whereby the system not only actively commands us, but also demands our activity.

How does the system do this ? It cannot know each one of us. But the system is very smart and calculates. It knows that we are all programmed robots. It has read Pascal’s ‘Thoughts’ : ‘We are as much automates as we are spirits.’ Men are reigned by the power of habit. Habit exercices us in following a stupid rule just as long as is needed to make us believe its necessity. A law becomes just only afterwards, when everybody obeyed it.

The tool for this training is the audio-visual and digital SLIME oozin’ out from your TV set.

From the moment that the Nameless had some friends, his interventions often had a double meaning. He would be the SLIME himself. Simultaneously he was the tool of the government and industry too, destined to rule and regulate you ; and gross and perverted, obsessed and deranged : could it be changed ?

He begged to push the buttons, but at the same moment he warned you not to touch your dial.

N*A*O* posted some videos about the FAECESbook entreprise and about the digital BUZZ, another form of the SLIME that leads you and makes you eat the garbage that it feeds you. He fulminated against the state-intellectuals who dwell on FAECESbook also, and called for real independant intellectuals to form communities of amateurs, using FAECESbook itself to invent another use of FAECESbook : a more interactive and less interpassive application.

He tried to illustrate the difference between a bad and a good programmed robot, showing the examples of a SHAMELESS Sarkozy-robot and an ASHAMED Zidane-robot.

The de- and reprogramming of the SHAMELESS users of the American, neo-liberal FAECESbook or other hypersynchronized reality shows, should be conceived within the European Spirit. The ancient Greek considered justice (dikh) and shame (aidwV) as the fundamental principles of civilization. ‘Shame’ meant particularly diffidence and honour.

Using FAECESbook itself to realize the change, implies that there must be good SLIME too. And that is the SLIME of the snail, which must become the symbol of the European Spirit. This lovely animal doesn’t has to copy the American Dream. It has found its own house, wherein it dreams its European Dream. It is faithful to its cultural inheritance. And above all, it is very patient.

On the other hand, we have not all the time either. We must get N*A*O* back trying to convince people to form interactive communities of amateurs.

So don’t look away and the Nameless Behind You shall make you think he is delicious. With the stuff that he says, he is the best that you can get. Have you guessed him yet ?

He must be the SLIME oozin’ out from this FAECESbook-set :




by your mails asking them to give you back your NAOgotchi.

Come on, people, touch that dials !

Can’t stop the SLIME, people, lookit me go !

Thus sproke N*A*O*,

‘See me, feel me, touch me, heal me’,

Sillicon Valley, april 17, 2009

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